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We have a 24 hour casualty services with specially trained team capable of handling of any emergency including Road Traffic Accidents, trauma, snake bite, poisoning, cardiac, Neuro, renal, hepatic, burns etc. We have the well spaced and equipped Casualty Service 24 hour casualty duty doctor is present with specially trained nursing staff. Duty doctor with assistance of senior doctor capable of handling every serious trauma and road traffic accident case. Our casualty is designed to handle the emergency cases related to cardiac and neurology department. Other cases like poisoning, snake bite, burns are handled by the trained casualty doctors. All medico – legal cases are registered and informed to police station. During non OP hours medical and surgical patients are handled by our duty doctor in casualty. Equipments available in casualty include ECG, X Ray, Pulse Oximeter, Suction, defibrillator, Monitoring machines and 24 hours ambulance service is present. All speciality doctors are available on call.