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Our dental departments offer high dental care. Fully operated department has surgical correction including orthogenetic surgery, emergency treatments of facial bone fractures, root canal treatment, crown and bridge, flap surgery, cosmetic treatment, complete Denture etc. There is X-ray facility in the unit. We have speciality treatments of following departments: Paedodontia Speciality treatment in pediatrics; correction of facial profile and aligning of tooth during young age. Orthodontia Correction of malocclusion Prosthodontia Crown and Bridge work, Dental implants, Complete Denture Prosthesis Endodontia Root Canal Therapy, Tooth Coloured Restoration Periodontia Flap Surgery, Ultrasonic Scaling Maxillofacial Surgery Specialized treatments for mandible and maxilla fractures, Orthognathic surgery Oral medicine and Radiology Detection of intra oral diseases